Monday, April 11, 1994

How can I improve my running?

Hey just wondering how can I improve my running. Im out of shape, been like this for... ever and I want to start getting in shape. My plans are so that within a year im doing at least the minimum requirements to join the Marines where I will die! Joining the Marines have been on my mind ever since I was 18 (im 22 now) and I think i truly want to do this. I've started a diet, started exercising , and lost a few pounds already but the thing that is the hardest to me is the running.

I can do push ups and sit ups (have to work on the pull ups) but running is different and it just kills me. Right now i can do about half a mile and be ok but obviously i need to improve this. What techniques can i use to help me with this situation. I've heard that taking deep breaths gets more air to your lungs and thus more air to your muscles, and to breathe using the stomach, not the chest because that wastes more energy (the arms and shoulders tend to go up and down more breathing with the chest wasting energy). Im trying those but are there other things that I could do in order to improve my running? Thank you.

Answer on How can I improve my running?

it takes a long time, the first few weeks are so terrible. but make sure you are running most days, because even resting for juts 2 or 3 days can really set you back. keep pushing yourself to go a little farther every day, even if you are really tired. when you are just wanting to die keep thinking "im just going to get to this next mailbox" and dont stop while you are running, because if you can run nonstop that builds up your endurance. work on your core muscles as well (abs). i personally think the breathing in trough your nose and out through your mouth helps get more air to the lungs, even though it doesnt really feel that way at first. also running with good form helps, like dropping your arms, and keeping them at a 90 degree angle. be sure to drink lots and lots of water too. lol hope i helped

Good music to download?

something that comes on the radio often, anything but religious, bluegrass, lil' wayne, or oldies.
I'm into modern music such as Drake, Katy Perry, Eminem, Adam Lambert, etc. mostly pop/ hip-hop any song suggestions is welcome. thanks! =)

Answer on Good music to download?

Here's some songs that I really like
No Love- Eminem (but its featuring lil wayne)
Fancy- Drake
Gonerrhea- Drake (feat lil wayne again)
Teach Me How to Dougie- Cali Swag District
No Hands- Wocka Flocka Flame
Break My Bank-New Boyz
Bottoms Up- Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj
Up All Night- Drake and Nicki Minaj
Black and Yellow- Wiz Khalifa
Right Thru Me- Nicki Minaj
Pretty Boy Swag- Soulja Boy
Check It Out- and Nicki Minaj
Deuces-Chris Brown
Just a Dream-Nelly
Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars
Not Afraid-Eminem
Love the Way You Lie-Eminem
Miss Me-Drake ft Lil wayne (again)
Teenage Dream-Katy Perry

Sorry that a lot of them have Lil Wayne in them
Hope this helps!.. :D!!