Tuesday, May 10, 1994

Am I being clingy when it comes to her?

like I was talking to my friend about my girlfriend the other say and she randomly said she thinks I'm clingy. It got to me /:
Like I usually send my girlfriend little texts sometimes, Like just a "hey babe, how you doin :)" or a "wacchu doin?". Other than that whenever im on aim I always talk to her for ages. like Shes always the first person I say hi too. but I don't think that's weird because whenever she comes on she always says hi to me right away
and i tell her I love her and how she means to me like a lot, and even I think that's weird but she calls it sweet and she's never called me clingy. but now I think she might just not be calling me clingy so she doesn't hurt my feelings
What do you think? Am I clingy?

Answer on Am I being clingy when it comes to her?

I don't think your clingy your just being a really nice and caring boyfriend.I'm sure your girlfriend is very luck to have you.