Sunday, June 5, 1994

Im doing the p90x program and im not seeing results? i'm on the first recovery week, im just about to do kempo?

im 20 years old turning 21 in june 7 . im 5'10" and 210 lbs. and i weighted 220 when i started. i started the p90x program about three weeks ago . I look at my self in the mirror and im not seeing results. the scale says that i lost weight but to my eyes im not seeing any, and im not following the diet plan, but im eating healthy and taking protein shakes ; but im not taking to much shakes afraid to get fat. im also concerned about stretch marks, i have stretch marks and i was wondering if p90x will make them go away? im still going with the program and im starting to believe that this wont work for me cause im not following the nutrition guide.

So my main questions are when will i start seeing results?
when will i start seeing weight loss?
how much protein shakes should i take a day?
will p90x help with my stretch marks

Answer on Im doing the p90x program and im not seeing results? i'm on the first recovery week, im just about to do kempo?

Results? You are already seeing said you've lost weight. THAT is called a result.

Weight loss? See above. What's the issue?

Protein? Some pros say consume the amount of protein grams per day as your goal weight. If you keep your protien sources low cal, you don't have to worry about gaining weight to get protein.

Stretch marks? No, no exercise program helps stretch marks. Your skin was stretched too far or you lost weight too fast for the skin to keep up. Consider stretch marks preferable to being fat and out of shape.

I've gone through P90X 3 times in the past year and a half...I didn't lose a lot of weight but I did tone up, gain muscle, and gain's a really good at-home program and if you follow the nutrition guide, you'll get the best benefit...

I don't see what your issue is as you are getting results...just because you don't see the weight loss doesn't mean it's not say the scales show you losing. Take your body measurements again and see what has changed...are you lifting more than you were at first? You should be...otherwise you aren't working hard enough...

FYI I've read that you see more changes in the 2nd month, than in the 1st's 90 days out of your life, go for worst, it's not going to cause any negative changes in your body...