Friday, June 24, 1994

Estimated price for back packing through Europe for a month?

I'm an American and I'm planning on back packing to most of Europe July 2011 with 3 other people. I would like to know how much money I need to save for the trip,like how much expected to spend in each country and cheap ways to get around there.We only plane on staying 2 or 3 nights in each place, but were going to be going to Ireland, Scotland ,Greece, Italy ,France,
Spain, Portugal,Germany,Poland, Sweden,Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark,Russia
,Romania, Morocco,Egypt

Answer on Estimated price for back packing through Europe for a month?

Depends where. Western Europe - count on 20 euro a person for overnighting per night IF you look on the internet for the cheapest ones in advance AND book them in advance (you'll need to book your entire travel like this), you'll also need a health insurance and travel expenses (trains or whatever you will be using, depends on how much you'll travel but count about 15 eurocent per kilometre if you're buying tickets for trains, busses and ferries are more expensive). Food - count about 70-100 euro a month per person if you only plan to eat from grocery stores, if you plan to eat out, the cheapest will be 10 euro per person per day and that will be pizza and french fries all the way, restaurants are much more expensive.

Eastern Europe, bit less on the overnighting (heck, you can sleep in some areas in Poland - notably, Przemysl - for 5 euro per person per night), also slightly less on the other expenses (maybe 75% of western Europe), food will be about the same. Russia, pretty much the same as eastern Europe. Would SEVERLY recommend NOT backpacking through Romania (same for Ukraine btw), and caution against backpacking through Russia outside of Moscow and St Petersburg. I don't say this out of hostility, I am intimately familiar with the area.

Can't comment on Morocco and Egypt, never been there.