Monday, July 11, 1994

Justin Bieber changed his fan number?

Don't answer if you have nothing nice to say. I tried calling his fan line to see if he'd actually answer (of course he wouldn't). But my friend called the Jonas Brothers (I don't like them btw) fan line and they actually answered. So ya..

But now I call and there's this random dude who says Justin is currently changing his fan number. In the meantime check his twitter myspace or Facebook to check for updates. Did he change it? If so what is it:/

Answer on Justin Bieber changed his fan number?

He hasn't said anything about it. Maybe he got hacked and the hater changed his number. I don't think justin has the time for that. But if you do have a Twitter mention it to Justin or someone from his crew. They probably don't know about it so I would tell them asap if I were you.