Thursday, August 25, 1994

Justin Bieber on Facebook?

This is kinda weird. I saw my friend was friends with a Justin Drew Bieber on facebook, and so I looked him up and it was the real him, like no fake. I'm wondering if it's his personal facebook (if anyone knows) but it's weird because he's like a real person, not a page. Also it kinda freaked me out because there was a ton of pictures of him and Selena Gomez, and Selena commented on the pictures, as did my friend. He hasn't responded to my friend request yet, but it's freaky cause my friend doesn't know him for real. Also, he RESPONDED to my friend! ARGHHH weird! If anyone gets what I mean, HELP! (oh, and also he only has like 500 or so friends not like 20 million, so maybe just nobody knows his facebook name) Thanks! I think I might have found the real Biebs!

Answer on Justin Bieber on Facebook?

Selena gomez's real Facebook name is :::: Go mez`
Justin Bieber's real facebook name is :::: Justin Biebs
If u r still unable to find 'em-
1. Search for me n Add me on facebook: My ID is :::
2. Tell me that u r from yahoo answer blog.
3. I'll accept ur friend request and then u can see my friend list and find these celebrity names. Believe me, they r real, coz I've been talkin to them quite often:)
4. Then reply to my answer that u found me on FB.
5. If I find u a good person, v can still b frnds or else once ur work is done, I'll defriend u(most probabaly, this wont happen)