Sunday, August 28, 1994

Weight loss tips for a 16 year old girl?

I'm 5'8" and weigh about 165 lbs. I want to be able to lose at least 15 lbs by the time school starts (about a month and a half). I've gained a little bit of weight in the past month (about 5 lbs) because I was over eating a little bit because I've been depressed, but now I want to lose weight for school.
I've been cutting out a lot of sugar in my diet, and I've been eating more fish and poultry and drinking a lot more water. I've also been working out a bit every day (not too much tho. I should probably do more...)
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had some good diet and exercise suggestions for me. I have to say tho, I'm pretty much poor and can't afford to go out and buy anything expensive like Slim Fast or weights or resistance bands or anything like that. And I don't have a gym membership or any special exercise equipment. I was just wondering if you had any tips to help me lose some weight without having to go out and but anything special. Thank you so much in advance!


Answer on Weight loss tips for a 16 year old girl?

I lost 50 pounds in 5 months. The doctor said that I did it at good rate. I keep it off for over 2 years, the due to some extenuating circumstances I gained 15 pounds back...but am on way to losing it.

I did this by eating smaller, snack size meals, every 2-3 hours. This keeps your metabolism going so you burn more calories, and keeps your blood sugar level so you won't feel as hungry.

I highly suggest foods high in protein and fiber. Low fat, but NOT non-fat. Drink plenty of water. Keep your meals small.....most of them 200 calories or less. There are a million 100 calorie snack products out there to help. Dinner can be a little more....I love Lean Cuisine dinners. Don't skip dessert! I personally love anything chocolate and ice cream is great. I like Skinny Cow ice creams or Bryers / Dryers double churn ice cream. Eat foods you like or you won't stick to it.

Go for walks every day or at least do some sort of exercise program. But walks are easy to fit into anyone's schedule and give you time to unwind and think.

Good luck....I hope you reach your goal.