Tuesday, November 8, 1994

PLEASE ANSWER: Blackberry Storm 2 or Bold?

I don't text much but I use Twitter alot. I mainly surf the web and watch YouTube videos. I like touchscreen phones but the Blackberry Bold's keyboard is appealing, though it isn't much of a necessity. I think both designs of both phones are very attractive. Which one should I get? Thanks :)

Answer on PLEASE ANSWER: Blackberry Storm 2 or Bold?

I personally own neither phone, but my co-worker just was talking to me about how much she regretted getting the BB storm 2, she says the phone freezes and isn't responsive even though you have to push it down like a button. I would say the Bold, because it actually has a keyboard and depending on which phone your switching from the bold might be easier to switch too. I know it was a ***** for about 2 weeks switching to a touchscreen phone.

(Oh- and i know you said no other phones, but i would look at the palm pre plus, its little, has a touch screen and full keyboard and is super easy to use!)

What's the name of this novel?

It's about an american girl who travels to Italy with her father. Her dad ends up dieing in their car and two men come and drive her to their place. they do it because their sister's daughter died. They give her some old clothes to wear and stuff. After a while her picture starts showing up in newspapers and the men get worried and i think they were planning to kill her or something so they wouldnt get caught. the woman tell the girl to escape.

Answer on What's the name of this novel?

"Three Days" by Donna Jo Napoli:

"When her father suddenly dies while on a business trip leaving her alone on an Italian highway, eleven-year-old Jackie worries what will happen when she is picked up by two men with unknown motives."