Saturday, January 7, 1995

Which to choose: Travel Europe OR Learn Portuguese in Portugal?

In July, I can either travel Europe with a very good student travel group or learn Portuguese in Portugal. You get lots of free time. We go to England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands. I really want to go learn Portuguese, in Portugal, I think I would really enjoy it. You get A LOT of free time to do whatever you want, and learn a new language that I'm passionate about. However, I also want to go on the Europe trip. I will be taking Portuguese next year when I go into university, so is it a waste to pay to learn it twice? Even though, learning it first hand in Portugal would be better. Or I can go and see a little bit of Europe, which would also be fun. I'd buy clothes that I'd bring back home to wear to university, which would be fun. But I could do that on either trip (Europe or Portugal). Which to choose... I can do Portugal later, after I have a basic understand of the language from university. Or I can go to Europe next May. I don't know which to choose!

Answer on Which to choose: Travel Europe OR Learn Portuguese in Portugal?

Travel Europe, you'll get a more rounded education and experience by visiting and seeing as much as possible. I think you answered it for yourself when you wrote that you will be studying Portuguese later in university. I think you would enjoy the follow up trip to Portugal after you have a basis in the language.