Thursday, January 12, 1995

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I walked down towards the beach with my phone in my hand. I was thinking about Conner and what he was doing. I wanted so badly to send him a quick text message, but I knew I couldn’t. I would just seem too desperate. “Lily!” my aunt Lulu yelled from the gorgeous Malibu vacation house, but how could I focus on that when I could only think about Conner and what he said before I left? Right now, he was in Italy, half way across the world. I wish I could just hear his voice, I miss my best friend. “Yes, Lulu?” I responded to my aunt, who I never called Aunt Lulu, just Lulu. “Come up and open your presents, birthday girl” Lulu wanted me upstairs. I walked slowly up the 78 stairs. I turned to face the old hospital that I always wrote about. I’m a writer. I write everything; books, novels, poems, ghost stories, and anything else that is possible to write, but my favorite thing to write about is that hospital, it holds so many memories.
Last year, Conner came with us on our annual Malibu vacation. When he was here we spent so many days wondering what was in that creepy hospital, but only one day discovering it. I remember it clearly; normally I would have been scared out of my mind, but not that day, just because I had Conner at my side. We stood outside of that hospital for at least two hours guessing what was inside. Finally, we went inside, and it was just a hospital, no ghosts, or zombies, just some dead people and a lot of dusty mattresses. We found three mattresses stacked on top of each other, and then we jumped for hours, laughing, and not thinking. That was exactly one year ago. It was my thirteenth birthday, and he remembered that, but he didn’t remember it this year.

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It needs a lot of work...I couldn't read all of it because it just bored me..