Monday, January 16, 1995

What are some "pourable" foods ?

I'm on a Pourable food diet because i got dental surgery done , and i would like to know what recipes you have if you have any ... There can be pretty much anything in it as long as there are no seeds or hard objects , or things that are very small and firm . Other than that , there is no problem with any foods or Allergies or anything but please help me out here :/ , im kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place here because im hungry, but cannot eat , and if there are any recipes that taste like "real food" that would REALLY help me !

Thanks guys !! :)
(first person with the most recipes/best answer gets the ten points)

Answer on What are some "pourable" foods ?

Apple sauce! Also, purees of any fruits. You can puree oatmeal or cooked quinoa and swirl in some fruit puree for a satisfying breakfast.

Smoothies! You have probably had milkshakes and fruit smoothies before, but have you tried making a green smoothie with veggies? Put a banana or two in your blender. Add a good handful or three of spinach and a peeled orange or some berries. Add liquid of choice (juice, water, milk, non-dairy milk) and blend till smooth. For a colder shake without diluting with ice, try cutting the banana in chunks and freezing it first. If you like this, you can experiment with other veggies - kale or other greens, fresh parsley or cilantro, celery, romaine, almost anything goes! Add some protein powder and/or nut butter to feel full longer.

A decadent treat: make a smoothie from banana, avocado, and milk or nut milk. Add a little sugar if you like, but I don't think sugar is even necessary if your bananas are nice and ripe. So rich and creamy!

Pureed Soup! Boil some potatoes in just enough water or broth to cover. Throw in a few garlic cloves, some dried herbs if you like - parsley and thyme are especially good - and put on the lid. Cook until potatoes are about done. Throw in some washed and chopped broccoli, cover, and turn off the heat. In a couple minutes, puree in batches in your blender. Season to taste - I like sea salt, cayenne, and some freshly ground black pepper.

Variation: substitute any green veg instead of the broccoli.

Butternut squash soup! Cut squash in quarters. Cut off the stem and remove seeds. Save the seeds to toast when you feel better! Rub lightly with olive oil and bake until soft. Sautee some leeks or onions in a little olive oil. Add some garlic, and fresh or dried thyme. Peel baked squash and add flesh to the onions and herbs. Add water or broth to cover and bring to simmer. Puree carefully in batches, and season to taste.

Hearty Sauces! This one is filling and nutritious. Tastes like cheese, but it's made from veggies! (And it's far lower in fat than if you made it with dairy cheese!)… Make just the sauce part. Use just a little olive oil instead of all that margarine.

This sauce is great on its own, or as a soup - throw in some thawed frozen chopped spinach after pureeing for a spinach cheese soup.

When you have recovered from surgery, use this sauce with pasta, quinoa, or potatoes. Makes a great potatoes au gratin!

Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon!