Friday, February 17, 1995

Does this weight loss plan sound good? i need to loose 42 lbs.?

i'm sixteen and have always struggled with my weight.
right now i am 12 stone. (168 lbs)
& i am serious about loosing weight and getting down to 9 stone, 126 lbs.

this is my plan.

-drink WATER.
(Only one glass of fresh juice allowed a day)
(One fizzy [low calorie, low sugar] drink on the weekend or days out)

-ALWAYS walk up stairs if that is an option.

-ALWAYS eat breakfast, even if it is a special K bar.

-Go to bed at 11pm. 1am MAX (on Thursday/Friday/Saturday ONLY)

-Do room exercises everyday for 30 min.

-Make sure to take AT LEAST (AT MINIMUM a 10 min walk EVERYDAY.
(on college days walk to the next bus stop instead of waiting)

-Eat smaller portions.
(pizza-2 slices. chicken nuggets-5 pieces.) MAX.

-Don’t fry anything.


-No sweets. No chocolate. (unless in TINY amounts)

-ONLY crisps under 100 calories.

-Spread butter so it can barely be seen on the bread.

-Chew gum if hungry.

-BUY mini fruit bags for snacks instead.

-Dance around when i play music.

-Try to BE HAPPY.


will this be enough to get me down to 9 stone?
and how long do you think it would take with this plan...i've tried to make this fit around what i actually can do.

thank you for reading xx

Answer on Does this weight loss plan sound good? i need to loose 42 lbs.?

it sounds okay but based on the types of foods you mentioned above, i think you may not know enough about vitamins as you should. you need to make sure you slip in alot of green vegetables because they are packed with nutrients. also, if your the type that likes to eat alot of food- like I am- you should definitely consider working giant "super salads' into your diet, i put raw spinach, raw broccoli, grapes, raw baby carotts, tomatoes, and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds on mine with either vinegar, freshly squeezed citrus juice, or low calorie dressing . eating these salads not only packs your body with vitamins but lowers your apetite. i am your age and 5 feet 4inches and your weight. there's a doctor who got famous here in the U.S for a book he wrote called "eat to live" which is basically a strict purist vegtable-based diet . i did that diet for nine days, ate till I was stuffed and lost five pounds after weighing myself on a full stomach.