Saturday, February 25, 1995

Feeding My GSD mix Science Diet?

I will not change his food from Science Diet, so please don't suggest that. We already tried, gradually, but it made his stomach upset, so we plan on keeping him on it.
There are many types of Science Diet, but I am determined to choose one to fit his needs.
For one, he has a sensitive stomach, bad breath, and can't chew that well on larged sized pieces.
Which type of Science Diet (dry food only please) should we feed him?

Answer on Feeding My GSD mix Science Diet?

Isn't science diet rated an F for dog food products? Your basically feeding your dog fast food day in and out. My dog has a sensitive stomach as well and the food that we give her is Blue Buffalo. It's all natural with the leading ingredient being protein. It's vet recommended and if the reason your feeding your loved one Science diet is because of price. If you go on to Blue Buffalo they will send you a 5 dollar coupon to try it out and make the change. Also if you take your love one to the vet, I'm sure they will suggest to you a Royal Canine alternative. If your Dog has trouble eating hard foods i suggest pouring a little water to soften it. His stomach maybe be upset for sometime like a previous person has posted. When we switched to blue buffalo our pup was having diarrhea, but in the end was able to tolerate it after a few weeks. I'd rather clean up a mess here and there then feed my dog something unhealthy for the rest of it's life. Go see a Vet or even go to the local pet smart and ask around. Best of luck!