Tuesday, March 28, 1995

Facebook photos arents showing up from my smartphone help!?

I have the motoblur droid (think that's how its spelt) anyway when I log into facebook I can't see my friends default pics or anyones uploaded pics? I can see youtube videos people post but can't see pictures? Help me! ThanKs

Answer on Facebook photos arents showing up from my smartphone help!?

There may be some problem with your browser
Check the browser settings
and enable the option like:

A Laptop Or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Okay so my parents will get me either a laptop or a tablet this summer and i really don't know what to get..i have handled the ipad and it had great touchscreen but it's so expensive and No flash :\ im here in Egypt and it's like 7000 pounds and that's only the ipad 1 not ipad 2..so we have the samsung galaxy tab p1000 for 3500 which is a good price...but i wanna know if it has a camera and how many mega pixels and general information about it..and is it better than a laptop (HP)? by the way i will practically be using either the tablet or the laptop for facebook and twitter etc. and yohoho puzzle pirates..will that game work on a tablet?

Answer on A Laptop Or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

my tip is to get a laptop.

Tablets are expensive and somewhat limited. I have an iPad and a laptop, for example. And is quite sure that if I leave home with the iPad and not the laptop I will miss the laptop. For the other side, if I take the laptop and leave the tablet I almost never miss the iPad.

I have an assortment of apps for the iPad and it is really great. People around me loves it. But it is more than a smartphone and much less than a laptop...