Sunday, April 30, 1995

Looking to test drive a Camero SS. What do I need?

I am looking to buy a brand new Camero SS. What will I need to test drive it? I have a valid Drivers license and I have insurance... Will they give me any problems, that I am 20 years old? I am getting the car in like 3 weeks for my going away party to the USMC ( yea I know I won't have it for 3 months while in basic training my Dad wants to get it for me before he goes back to Italy) so it will sit in my garage till I can transport it to where I am stationed. I just want to test drive the car, to make sure it handles and performs how I expect it to.

Answer on Looking to test drive a Camero SS. What do I need?

Just talk to the salesman. If you act like you're going to buy it then they'll let you test drive it. I do it all the time. So far I've managed to test drive a Camaro SS, a Dodge Viper, Corvette Z06, and a Lamborghini Gallardo (my personal favorite) Just make sure you dress the part. Don't show up to test drive an expensive car wearing sweat pants and a dirty t-shirt. For example, when I drove the Lambo, I wore VERY nice clothes. They would NEVER have let me test drive if they knew that I had no intention to buy the car, would've been a waste of there time.