Friday, May 12, 1995

Signs a shy guy likes you ANSWERS ASAP PLZ**ill answer yours**?


ok wednesday his friends where teasing me about my crush(travis) saying that im a step down from the people travis has gone out before,that i got a ****, im gay, **THIS ALL HAPPENED IN CLASS**

then at lunch they were teasing me and all that Travis was doing with moving closer to me then we had a break and they weren't teasing me but i was talking to my friends and travis comes up and gets really close to me and says what we talking about!

then today was walking to class with my friends and Travis was on the other side of the hallway, me and my friends were talking and travis turned his head looked at me and then turned his head back.
then at lunch travis was like,"i can only call my girlfriend a hoe then his friend drake said stephanie's your girlfriend. then he was playing with my ipod and he seen some justin bieber games on it and he ONLY deleted one.

then last night at the dance, me, my friend and him took at picture together and i didn't realized it until i looked at the picture he was looking at me.then we were all sitting down and bailey was kissing his neck and travis was like stop. please.(cause he doesn't like bailey).then jimmy was crying because he likes bailey and travis was talking to bailey when i was Right beside him travis was saying,"he's just like me he doesn't like to tell people who he likes"(LOOKED AT ME WITH THESE SOFT EYES) then after they talked i was looking Straight ahead and i turned my head and Travis was looking at me and im like,"what?" and he's like what then i said what again and he's like never mind.Our friend came up to us and she's always HYPER and he looks at me and says,"i love her she's crazy" **DID HE ONLY MEAN THAT AS FRIENDS..cause they did only went out for a day**




then out of the blue he was like talking to our friends saying he liked something on facebook then he told me that he rarely likes anything on facebook

Answer on Signs a shy guy likes you ANSWERS ASAP PLZ**ill answer yours**?

(i just asked my guy bestfriend for his input)
&&we both agree that those are signs
maybe he has a few females he needs to get out of his way first
but there is definitly some liking going on there