Monday, July 24, 1995

I Need Help To Make A Decision...?

Ok here it is. I am currently signed up for my schools 2011 France/italy/morocco trip. At the time I signed up, I just signed up so all the spots wouldn't be taken and it sounded nice at the time. But there's a problem. I am sort of anti social and I am not the "hanging out with friends" or go to social events type. So now i'm considering not going on this trip. Not many friends of mine are going and I don't like the idea of sharing a room with other people from my school (I know I know, Call me a woos!) Anyways, it took me a good 2 months to finally break it to my dad that I might not want to go. Problem with me is, I have great interest in where my trip is going! But I just don't want to go purely because of being away for 2 weeks and because I don't want to share a room with classmates and go with my school. I'm also under big pressure from my family to go and my dad and mom want an answer from me soon whether I want to go or not. I just don't know what to do, I wouldn't enjoy the trip, but i'll also regret it if I don't go. Thanks for any advice!

Answer on I Need Help To Make A Decision...?

Go and see the places you want to see. When traveling some people find interaction and communication based on sights seen and places to be visited easier. Any chance of a single Room ?
Having to share a Room you will spend the majority of the time asleep in is a small price to pay to miss the sights. You will enjoy the trip if you go you may prefer to be with somebody else at night and the food or climate may not be as you like but Morocco, France and Italy are there ,your folks have the Finance in place as you requested but you are terrified of some imaginary but real to you Negative Force.
Well do not go, tell yourself you will go on your own sometime in the future may be even do that and return hoping somebody will want to see your photographs just so you can tell them you have actually got it together but by that stage possibly nobody will care.
Even your current school mates can between now and then change,get new priorities, grow up, mature or just not be as you have in your head pictured them. You also could be a far more confident person by next year, especially if you try to focus on the where you go and what you see on the trip, What sort of Tagine are you going to order and what is a Brick? Lets get positive. How do you say Hello or Go away in Arabic.
Then of course there is the French and Italian eye candy that raises the blood and puts a smile on your face. The Plants,scenery, Trees,Palms and all the new fruits figs dates,breads and so many other tastes and smells.Imagine all you can talk about on your return, the roommate you had to put up with, the mix up with the luggage, the laughs the tears but Oh the trip and the experience "Would not want to have missed that for anything . I have a video here anybody want to see it. Do you hear a chorus of Yes after all it is of a school fun trip not Marc's solo travel tail.