Wednesday, August 9, 1995

Is this the right cat/kitten diet?

I have just acquired a ragdoll that I love to death and I want to feed him right. Now my other cat a 7 year old russian blue female has been on dry food since we got her at 9 months now i'm reading conflicted stories about how it's good for them then hearing it's bad for them. Anyways I want to know if I could feed my ragdoll kitten dry food and if they have kitten wet food (not sure) could I mix them. By the way I don't need to here criticism on what I should have feed my other cat.

Thank you

Answer on Is this the right cat/kitten diet?

You can certainly feed your kitten dry food only, or wet food only. There is nothing wrong with either diet. Its more ideal to have a mix of the two if possible especially during the kittens growth phases (up to 1 year old). The key is to select a good quality diet that has balanced nurition that will provide your kitty with adequate nutrients and minerals to ensure he/she develops properly. You can mix wet and dry together, or you can offer free access to the dry kibble all day and feed wet meals in the morning and evening. Just keep in mind, after 12 months of age, your kitten should be fed measured meals, without the free access to food all day as he/she will be done developing/growing and this will simply cause him/her to gain un-needed weight (which can led to many health problems). Some good kitten development foods that I would recommend are:

Medi-Cal Development (Dry and Wet) - they are in a green bag/can and can found at your vet's office, very high quality, and has scientific food trials to prove its effectiveness where some pet store brands do not.

You could also try, Royal Canin Babycat, then Royal Canin Kitten (depending on how old your cat is), Wellness, Blue Buffalo.

Stay away from Hills pet store level food, Fancy Feast, Whiskas, Friskies, Cat Chow, Meow Mix, and 9 Lives...these are not desirable diets to feed.

Can they view my history?(Mac OS)?

So i have a school laptop and ive been going on facebook,youtube and etc,so i the ibook has os 10.3 and firefox for a browser,im wondering if even i clear the history if there is still a way they can find it and how i can delete it,im not too worried abhout them finding out about facebook and utube but there was an innapropriate bookmark and i feel if that was there that there is some bad history,so i would love to delete it and not worry about getting in trouble for stupid stuff.So thanks,and ps i didnt go look at anything bad even though looking back at this it looks like total BS,

Answer on Can they view my history?(Mac OS)?

go to settings then security or find a tab that says clear browsing history