Wednesday, August 16, 1995

I need help with my diet for P90X?

I dont want to follow the book. Its too much work, and i dont have enough time to cook everything. What can i make everyday thats simple and easy, and yet will cause me to achieve the same resuults as i would if i were to follow the meal plan. I am willing to eat the same thing everyday.'

IF POSSIBLE, can you give me one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner, and one for snack. If not, just one meal will do.

Answer on I need help with my diet for P90X?

breakfast- egg WHITES and fruit snack- nuts- lunch- salad w a lot of different veggies and chicken or turkey breast snack- fresh fruit and veggies dinner- 2 pieces sofrito chicken, broccoli and a salad. snack- chobani yogurt