Friday, September 1, 1995

How can i help with extreme tiredness?

I am having a few health issues at the moment leading me to be extremely tired. I struggle to get out of bed and can barely make it to the lounge before feeling faint and needing to rest. This weekend just passed i rested in bed until 2:30 in the afternoon whilst my partner took care of our children. I decided i had to get out so we went to the park and took a walk around the lake. 30 minutes, very slow pace as young children. By the end i was so tired again i had to go home and nap.
I try to eat healthy but my diet is far from perfect. I sleep well, usually in bed by 11pm and waking around 7am. I will have a nap in the afternoon while my children sleep, 1 hour. I'm taking zinc, cod liver oil and vitamin c to help with acne. I drink plenty of water. I have completely lost my appetite so i eat at specific times. 8 am breakfast 12:30 lunch and 6 pm dinner. If i don't eat at controlled times i completely forget to eat, this way i know i'm still getting energy from my food. My family are being supportive and looking after the children when they can so i can rest. As a mother i want to do the best for my kids. So is there a way to get a kick of energy so i can go back to being a hands on mum?
As before mentioned i have health issues which are yet to be diagnosed, i am having regular visits to my GP but haven't yet spoken about this issue.

Answer on How can i help with extreme tiredness?

The first thing you need to do is tell your doctor. Such extreme fatigue is not normal at all and could signal a lot of issues. Make an appointment today!

It could be as simple as your low on iron or you could have a thyroid issue to name a couple things. But make that appointment today, get treatment that is needed and get well.

How did miley cyrus, selena gomez and demi lovoto get famous so fast without a ton of experience?

they don't even have alot of experience how did they get a Agent miley cyrus worked with c.e.s.d HOW !!!! don't you need a ton of experience????? to work with a Company like that......and what experience did demi lovoto have execpt barney and freinds how did she book a disney movie and show and the same with selena gomez HOW!!!! i have some experience

Answer on How did miley cyrus,selena gomez and demi lovoto get famous so fast without a ton of experience?

Miley Cyrus' father, Billy Ray Cyrus, had a hugely successful song in the early nineties, in addition to maintaining something of a following throughout the years. He was maybe D-List famous, but he still had enough money and pull to get Miley on Disney.

I'm not sure about the rest of them.