Sunday, October 15, 1995

Period gone due to weight loss!?

I lost my period roughly a year ago when I dramatically lost weight. I went from 9st to 7st 6 in over a year.
I visited the doctors about this and took a pregnancy test which turned out to be negative, the doctors told me not to worry, put weight on and to use the contraceptive pill.
I took the pill for three months, put on weight and my periods came back, but now im off the pill and have been of for 6 months and still no sign of a period. I weigh 8st 3 which is a good weight for my height (5ft 5) so i don't know why they havn't come back! can anybody help me find out why!
Thank you

Answer on Period gone due to weight loss!?

Hmm, have you had your hormone levels checked? There might be something else at play, have them check your prolactin level as well, the pituitary gland controls all the hormones in the body.
Also,yes it did stop b/c of rapid weight loss, get back on the hormones if your prolactin is fine; you do need a cycle.