Wednesday, October 18, 1995

I want to know your opinion on the way that I eat...?

Heres a little back ground information: I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I used to jump from diet to diet because I started gaining weight. I am pretty muscular and I do exercise a lot.
My aunt gave me the tip that eat small portions and healthfully during the week, but stay away from sweets and as soon as Saturday comes along you can treat yourself along with Sunday.
The way that I want to incorporate her advice is to eat the raw food diet during the week and heat a macrobiotic diet on the weekends occasionally with some dessert. And the reason I don't want to go completely raw is because
1. it is very difficult (i've done it before)
2. I cook a lot!
3. my friends love that i can cook and entertain
4.I always have functions to go to on the weekends where it is a pain for me to be inconvenient to my friends and family if I need to eat only raw food.
I just want to know what you guys think. I want to succeed. But am I setting myself up for failure. I will be getting all the protein, and vitamins required. My doctor is completely fine with it, but you know how doctors don't know everyones specific weight loss goal. He says I'm a good weight, but I'm in college and so many girls are so tiny. But please don't write all that crap about how I shouldn't be sooo thin. I'm sort of sick of hearing it.

Answer on I want to know your opinion on the way that I eat...?

i didnt read your whole question it was overly wordy and long winded i think you are attention starved not interested in vegetarian questions