Thursday, November 16, 1995

Why do you think he didn't reply?:(?

This dude I like is in my PE. There are a lot of signs that he likes me but he's scared what his friends might think since they hate me. Me and him never talk not even on facebook and well my friend had an idea that I get his number off of facebook and say hey to him in a text message and tell him its me and if he asks why I'm texting I'll say I'm bored or something and then later when I get to no him I'll ask him out! so is it a good plan?? BTW he's never on facebook IM and if he is he's away and if I inbox him saying whats ur number he'll think its awkward so how can i do this and in PE he has his friends with him so its like lunch and they hate me remember !! so what should I do
I already have him on facebook and we were best friends last year but this year he got new friends and I didnt have a phone last year so we didnt test last year
I did text him and he didnt reply:((
I think cuz he doesnt no its me and he didnt even say whose this

Answer on Why do you think he didn't reply?:(?

He may not like to text or have the plan so instead of spending .50 cents to read it, he hit delete.