Monday, November 27, 1995

Please comment on these boy names?

Alexander Scott - "Alex"
Bennett James - "Ben"
Cole Jonathan
Daniel Jacob - "Dan" or "Danny"
Derek James
Dylan Joseph
Grant Michael
Jared Thomas
Joshua Paul - "Josh"
Maxwell James - "Max"
Nathaniel John - "Nathan" or "Nate"
Nicholas Ryan - "Nick"
Robert Drake - "Rob" or "Robby"
Shawn Joseph
William Tyler - "Liam"

What do you guys think? Which are your favorites and least favorites?

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Answer on Please comment on these boy names?

Alexander Scott - "Alex" - I like Alexander but im not a fan of Scott.
Bennett James - "Ben" - I hate the name Bennett, Love James.
Cole Jonathan - Hate the name sorry.
Daniel Jacob - "Dan" or "Danny" - Love Daniel, not a fan of Jacob with it.
Derek James - Not a fan of Derek.
Grant Michael - I like this one.
Jared Thomas - All the Jared's I know are jerks.
Joshua Paul - "Josh" - Cute
Maxwell James - "Max" - Ehh sounds like the name of a butler
Nathaniel John - "Nathan" or "Nate" - not a fan
Nicholas Ryan - "Nick" - I like Nicholas but not with Ryan
Robert Drake - "Rob" or "Robby" I like this one a lot.
Shawn Joseph - Not really my fav.
William Tyler - "Liam" -no

I like Robert Drake a lot.