Friday, December 29, 1995

Feeding my bloated betta half a pea...?

Okay, so recently my betta became bloated (bloated, not dropsy) and i decided to feed him half a pea. I put it in boiling water for a minute (it's frozen) and then cooled it in ice-cold water. How much more do i have to feed him some peas? Until he isn't bloated? Or should peas be part of his diet?

Answer on Feeding my bloated betta half a pea...?

Bettas are true insectivores. Except for peas used to treat bloating/swim bladder issues, they should not be fed vegetative matter on any sort of regular basis. I would not suggest feeding peas except when your Betta is compromised.

When feeding peas as treatment for swim bladder disorder, be sure to peal the pea and cut it up into bite size pieces.
You should continue to feed only peas until all signs of bloat are gone.

In general, the number one reason for swim bladder issues in Bettas is constipation which is most often due to overfeeding. Keep in mind that your Bettas stomach is about the size of his eye, and feed accordingly. Once per day is enough.

Other things that can prevent constipation/swim bladder disorder include plenty of space, (the more your Betta can swim around, the less likely he is to have constipation issues,) and properly maintained and heated water. (The better the water quality is, and the warmer, the more active your Betta will be, and of course, the less likely to suffer from constipation issues.)

Offer your Betta a properly sized tank of 5 or more gallons, a gentle heater, temperatures of between 78 and 80 degrees, Keep up on your partial water changes, and feed him a quality carnivore specific food, along with several weekly feedings of freeze dried or frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and glass worms/mosquito larva, and your Betta should stay constipation free and in overall good health for years to come.

Good luck.

How long is a flight from NYC to Venice, Italy??

Answer on How long is a flight from NYC to Venice, Italy??

It's around 8 hours. I have flown that route many times. I thought that was long until I had to fly to Korea. 15 hours flying is no joke.