Monday, January 8, 1996

Clear, Liquid, Frothy, "bowel movements"?

Basically, recently in life i've been graced with random visits from this 'wierd poop'. Is it diarhea? A disease? I do not know... Ive never had any thing unusual concerning this field til now. I am a little too embarrassed to even consult my mother.
I'll get the urge to go. It just comes out like this clear liquid. Almost frothy or bubbly-ish. Whats worse is i'll feel gassy and the fart will not be a fart. This is a good amount of liquid that soaks through my underwear and clothes. I have no health problems whatsoever and my biggest worry is waking up with a pimple til now, worrying about hanging out with my boyfriend and having to fart and realizing theres a chance ill blow water from my *** and soak through my pants. Does this exist outside my world? Has any one heard of this at all? or what it could be?
The things that i thought might affect it are my diet- except theres nothing unusual about it the days this happen. Birth control pills or sex. Stress.
What do you think?
If you have advice or knowledge of this please share it, otherwise, Feel free to make fun. I think i would.

Answer on Clear, Liquid, Frothy, "bowel movements"?

"I find that terribly sexy"