Thursday, February 1, 1996

Volume of a Portion of a Cone?!?

I'm finding only a portion of the volume of a cone.

The picture is shown here:

I'm finding the volume of only the shaded part.

Here's my equation:

1/3 pi (5)squared (12) - 1/3 i (5)squared (2/3) 12
If my calculations are correct...
i get 100 pi - 66. 666 pi which is around 33.334 pi
and equals about 104. 72 cm cubed.

Is my answer correct? If wrong, could someone show me the work and how to get to the answer in the correct way? Thanks!

Answer on Volume of a Portion of a Cone?!?

Yes, your answer is correct.
You may want to add in one more step and put 2/3 as (240/360) first to show your teacher that you know where this 2/3 came from.