Thursday, April 25, 1996

Is this a good plan/ goal?

I'm 15
5'5 1/2

Before the holiday:
117 lbs
Measurements: 34'25'35
(Is this good?)

During/ after the holiday:
<120 lbs
(Is 3 lbs normal fluctuation?)

Before the holidays I ate REALLY healthy
Lately I've slacked
I don't feel as though I gained weight, just a little bloated
(Could it be 'water weight')

I've tried to get back on my diet, but it's hard/ will be hard until after New Years..
If I do as best as I can for now
And after New Years get back on track for good will I be able to easily lose my 'holiday lbs'?
I really don't want to gain weight, but I realize I'm not so overweight that I should be super strict and difficult
I want to enjoy the time I have with my family

I plan on going back down to 1000-1500 Calories/ day
and RE-upping my exercise to 30-60 Min. 6 days/ week
(This was how I was previously)

Thanks for any help/ advice?
Also should I be stressed about the weight? Or no?
I'm so confused..

I've struggled with 'body image' issues before and I have mixed feelings about how I look right now..

On the plus side NOT counting calories for these last few weeks (About 4) has really made my hair and eyes look better (I was looking sick for awhile)
Does this mean not counting might be 'helping' me?

Answer on Is this a good plan/ goal?

At 5'5" 120 lbs you have a body mass index of 20 which is a healthy and normal weight :). You are not overweight at all, you could weigh up to 140 lbs and you would still be in the healthy and normal weight range. Measurements of 34'25'35 are good, and a lot of models have these measurements. You should not be stressed out at all, and a diet of 1000-1500 calories with exercise 6 days a week is too little. You should be eating around 2000 calories a day. Worrying less will help you look better, you can count calories, as long as you are eating the right amount of calories, 1500 is too little. 2000-2400 should be good for you. At 15 it could also have to do with hormones and whatnot. Get help with your body image issues, or just talk to someone about it. You should not be worrying about your weight.