Sunday, May 12, 1996

Is my diet good? (fat loss + building muscle)?

breakfast: strawberry oatmeal + banana (+multivitamins pill)
mid snack: lean protien bar 20g no fats 3g of sugar
lunch: whole grain bread peanut butter
mid snack: apple
dinner: protien shake 52g

Then i run 3 miles and weight train after.
then sleep at 9pm wake up 6am doing it over again.

Thanks in advance!

Answer on Is my diet good? (fat loss + building muscle)?

Mate I think you might need to eat more at your meals like throw in a apple and a few fried eggs,
this meal is probably a good meal just add a bit more even just cook up a bit of breakfeast
your mid snack sounds pretty good i don't think i could comment on it good work
lunch what are you doing mate you need some energy grab a few snags and some steamed rice, eating less isnt always best you need energy so if you want an easy meal grab a tosted sandwich machine for like 20 bucks,
midsnack i agree with i like to see your dedication
dinner i think that protein shake should be for aftter dinner and eat a real meal anything simple to cook up you do want to get muscle so you cant go without meat for dinner for gods sake you play hooker.
I like your training routine i love your dedication to rugby keep at it