Thursday, July 11, 1996

30 and not married with kids?

I've been looking on facebook and see nearly everyone I know is engaged or married. I have kids and no plans on getting married. In this day and age why are they bothering wasting their money on a wedding.
Do you think people/teachers/married couples will look down at my kids because they have an unmarried (but together) mum and dad? Or do you think anyone will look down their nose at the mother as she is unmarried with kids (cringe). Will anyone think an unmarried mother is a bit "easy"?

Do statistics show that kids of unmarried parents never go on to marry? (ie will my kids probably not get married)

Answer on 30 and not married with kids?

You have a steady partner and you are living with him and the children???
Why are you worried about what other people think?
Im 25, divorced and i was told I couldnt have children. It turns out the doctor was wrong, and i am now 8 weeks pregnant and the relationship with the Dad is no where near stable! lol

You live your life the way that makes you happy. As long as your children have thier father around then I dont see the problem. You are a good mum to be worrying about this, but you really dont need to. I know kids with parents that have had nasty break ups that still go on to marry! My parents have been together my whole life, i bet they werent expecting me to get divorced at 23!!! lol

Your children will make up thier own minds. Whether you marry or not! I think its lovely that you are showing them that you dont need to be married to be in a commited relationship!