Saturday, August 3, 1996

Daily budget for holidaying in Italy?

Any tips on how much to budget for (ignoring costs of tours, airfares and accommodation) of daily budget for Tuscany? How much would I need to budget to cover breakfast lunch dinner and incidentals?

Answer on Daily budget for holidaying in Italy?

HI! Usually in Italy we have a cappuccino and a croissant for breakfast. you can have it for 3-5 euros, depending on wether it is a tourist area or not, be careful with prices in city centers of famous cities like Florence, Venice and Rome, usually it is very expensive, you could be charged 10 euros for a coffee or even more. In any case if you stay in a hotel with b&b treatment you can find also international breakfasts. For lunch and dinner it still depends on where you are and what you eat. you can find cheap restaurants with amazing food, but you need to know where they are. The best thing is asking people, as there are also many "tourist restaurants" where food is not that good and it is more expensive. In a pizzeria you can eat a pizza with a drink and a coffee for 15 euros. In restaurants if you eat pasta an average price with a drink is 15-18 euros, if you eat meat or fish it costs more. These are avarage prices, if you eat pizza in Piazza San Marco in Venice you could be charged more than 50 euros. In ROme you can find wonderful cheap restaurants, in Milan you can find amazing food too, but it is more expensive, ciao!