Sunday, August 4, 1996

Have I Damaged my Singing Voice?

I'm very scared and worried that I may have damaged my singing voice. As an aspiring singer, this is obviously very important to me. Let me explain what happened:
I have had a sore throat for a while, (just very dry overnight from sleeping with my mouth open), winter weather and colds. I was off school for a couple of days when I woke up not able to speak. But then that went away. Since then my voice has been... difficult, and my singing voice sounded strained, but that was because of the sore throat. However, stupidly, I sang properly trying to sing: "Speechless" by Lady Gaga, (her live version at the Vevo opening ceremony) and while trying to reach one note repeatedly, I believe that I have strained it as I then tried to sing another song in which I have always been able to sing perfectly and found that I couldn't reach one of the notes in the song. I am very. very scared and upset. It's only been a day. I'm not singing, talking very little, drinking lots of water and having paracetamol, but my voice is still sore.

Please can someone tell me whether I have permanently damaged my voice or not, how long it should take to heal fully and other information that may apply.

Thank you soooo much

Darcy Queen

Answer on Have I Damaged my Singing Voice?

Nah! You ain't buggered yer throat up, hon. It's perfectly normal for the quality of yer singin' voice to take a dive when yer ill. Yer sore throat may be gone, but the actual virus which caused it might not be. It might still be lurkin' about in yer system, and I daresay that's probably why yer voice still don't sound any good now. Give it about a fortnight or so, and don't sing again, under ANY circumstances whatsoever, for that period of time, and only talk when ya really have to. Rest yer voice up for a couple of weeks or so, and it should be as right as rain again in no time at all, my sweet. In the meantime, I'm gonna recommend a remedy to you that's got ME out of trouble more times than I can remember over the years: Vocalzone throat pastilles.

Hope that helps, my sweetheart. A speedy recovery to ya, my darling. Peace and love! Be lucky! :) xxxx