Tuesday, September 3, 1996

Lady Gaga and her fans...?

So I know that I'll get flak for this, but I'm going to start off by admitting that I'm not a Gaga fan (obviously) and that while I do have basic knowledge about her and her music that I'm not an expert of any kind.
My question is if anyone else thinks that Lady Gaga takes advantage of her fans in a way. What I mean by that is that for example her fans that are homosexual tend to think that Gaga is "the new gay icon" and such, but I've never have really seen any evidence that she really cares about it either way. Her songs that supposedly have anything to do with gay people are so hidden. Like Alejandro for example. I can't see how going just off the lyrics that it's about God or the LGBT community in any way. If you have something to say then why not just say it straight out?
Another issue I have is the whole "meat dress" thing. How does wearing a meat dress represent the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy? And "we'll have as much rights as the meat on our bones"? How does that even make sense? I'm sorry, but Gaga just seems like another musician that can't rely on her talent alone (and I'm NOT saying that she doesn't have talent) and needs to rely on acting weird and out there to attract fans.
So again to restate my question. Does anyone else think Gaga takes advantage of her fans? And also for good measure, those who don't agree with what I've said can you give me specific reasons why?

Answer on Lady Gaga and her fans...?

I wouldn't say she takes advantage of her fans any more than any other celebrity does. It's possible for her to be an advocate without making all of her songs about advocacy - to my knowledge, the only single she's released that deals with LGBT advocacy is "Born This Way". Other songs are about other things, and I would say that the grand statement she's trying to make is more about the nature of celebrity and fame, and what she can get away with in that world. The meat dress was not, to my knowledge, a statement about LGBT rights specifically.

Lady Gaga also famously spoke very passionately at the National Equality March. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRNsl_0AZ…

Any tips on fast weight loss?

Answer on Any tips on fast weight loss?

There are 4 main things for losing weight:
1. Mental attitude - you must want it and feel you are ready to do what it takes
2. Cut out bad foods - cut down on the bad foods like fast food, fizzy drinks, chocolate, alcohol etc. You can eat/drink these sometimes, but the less the better
3. A good diet - eat regularly (atleast 3 or 4 times a day, preferably 5 times) and eat healthy and natural foods! Any fruit, vegtable, meat, fish, etc. is good. Also drink plenty of water.
4. Exercise - Through healthy eating alone you will gain more energy and this will help with exercising. Try to find something you like doing, like swimming, biking, football etc, and do it atleast twice a week for an hour or more. 3 - 4 exercise periods per week is ideal, but start slow and build up.