Saturday, October 19, 1996

How can Conservatives be so ignorant of politics?

Why do conservatives say that Nazis were left wingers? Yes they had the word Socialism in their name but they were actually fascists. Socialism is rigidly defined as an economic system in which the workers own the means of production and distribution of goods. A more relaxed definition would be simply that the workers maintain political control over the production and distribution of goods. Even using the more relaxed definition of socialism, the Nazis can not be labeled as socialists as there simply was no worker control over the production or distribution of goods in Nazi Germany. In fact, the Nazis outlawed legitimate labor unions. In place of the original unions, the Nazis implemented quasi-like unions that were controlled by the industrialists.

Both in fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, the tax system was changed to one favoring business and the wealthy. The Nazis allowed industries to deduct from their taxable income all sums used to purchase new equipment. Rich families employing a maid were allowed to count the maid as a dependent child and reap the tax benefit.

Such programs, catering to big business and the rich elite, are more akin to the policies of the Reagan Administration than it is to any liberal administration including FDR's. Likewise, it was the rich industrialists that were behind the fascist movement in the United States during the 1930s. I guess it's no surprise that the right wing attempts to try and label fascism as socialism in trying to distance themselves from their previous support of fascism.

Have you seen the error of your way?

Answer on How can Conservatives be so ignorant of politics?

Your analysis, while basically correct, is somewhat superficial. To those uninformed right wingers in here who chime in with the absurd Beck and Goldberg inspired lie that fascism and Nazism were "left wing", "liberal" and "progressive", rather than get bogged down in the details, the prudent thing to do is refer them to the scholars, witnesses, and participants, every one of whom clearly identifies fascism in ALL ITS FORMS with the ultra-right. Not only the tax programs, which you correctly analyze, but the "small government" hog wash, to which the Nazis, like U.S. "conservatives", have mainly a a selling point... The Nazis did this by cancellation of all income supplements and closing the care homes and sanatoriums. They simply killed the inhabitants under the claim of "lives unworthy of living", sold off the properties, and released the staff for employment elsewhere.

William L. Shirer says plainly they were right wingers, adding there was no socialism in "National Socialism", and deals with this neatly in THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH.

Goebbels made jokes recorded in Heisler's tracts: "Had it had some immediate political advantage, we might very well have called ourselves 'national turnips'. We are a movement of the hard right!" That was 1937.

Himmer, 1938: "We are of the right, and of order!"

Bullock, in HITLER: A STUDY IN TYRANNY makes many of the same points. So does Toland. So does Fest. Speer, in INSIDE THE THIRD REICH, mentions that the Nazis sold off the great state arsenals, all 13 of them, and ERMA's official history records their initial purchase of the old Erfurt state factory works from the Hitler Government.. That's what the right calls "privatization".

Conservatives are trying to disassociate themselves from the madness of other right wing movements of the past, all the while emulating their actions in detail.

Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg are liars and propagandists, and no legitimate spokesperson of any stripe agrees with their obscene assertions.

Any lingering left wing sentiments, including the adaptation of certain left wing language by the Strasser brothers, who did literature, "manifestos", and platforms 1924-33, were dealt with when those people were all murdered during the "Night of the long Knives" about June 30th, 1934, and a few days following. Yes, that's right: they killed people for participating in a scam to use some left wing language!

Of course, all the books agree that Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor 30 January 1933 because Hitler was backed by all the other conservative and right wing parties. He immediately moved to outlaw trade unions and began arresting socialists, liberals, moderates with a libertarian bent, and pretty much anyone to their left.

Emphasizing the word "socialist" in "national socialist" or suggesting that they were a socialist party of the left led to immediate imprisonment.

The right in the United States will believe anything which washes blood off the hands of traditional right wingers, no matter how many lies have to be told to achieve that ridiculous fraud.

But the facts do not support the fantasy.