Monday, November 4, 1996

A good diet plan to get bigger and more muscle for a 16 year old.?

I want a serious answer to this it would be really helpful.

I want someone to give me a good diet plan and I will try too stick to it.

Like what should I have for breakfast est.

Please don't say protein powder, I will workout but I don't need protein powder maybe when I'm in my 20s but not in my teenage years otherwise I might be fat then muscle at the end.

So yeah a good diet plan.... and also I want a exercises routine plan thingy as well.. so something on the lines 1hour of weights or something everyday...

Thanks people..

Answer on A good diet plan to get bigger and more muscle for a 16 year old.?

1- eat 1 pound of protein per pound of body weight a day.
2- for breakfast i find weetabix is really good as u can eat loads easily and 1 biscuit = 100 calories and ive even eaten up to 8 biscuits before.
3- drink loads of milk and take fruit juice like orange n apple instead of plain water as water has no calories
4- find your weight maintenance level and eat around 500 calories more than it e.g 1500 calories to maintain weight eat 2000 to gain weight
5- eat six meals a day so its easier to eat a load of calories
6-high calorie foods - bagels,pasta,rice,nuts (are amazing so many calories and filled with protein)
7- makes tasty peanut butter milk shakes : 2teaspoonfuls of pb,2-3 spoonfuls of icecream and milk..
8- Would give 1 of mymuscle building plans but dunno if its gud or nat yet(must be if i gained 1 stone in 1 month with it )

A really helpful website is 'scoobys workshop ' on google will tell u a plan and a loada other stuff

Edit- he said he wants muscle and strength training doesnt build muscle that fast but i know what your coming from that u hav to lift heavy but just as heavy as his body is capable and he will build strength along the way

Also wat i meant was that u shud drink drinks with calories in it but water has no calories but if u drink for example orange juice it contains water but also calories its nat lik ur getting no water the whole day