Wednesday, November 13, 1996

Atkins Diet?

i'm planning on doing this for a month
but i don't know what im supposed to eat
can u tell me the instructions?
the recipes...what do i eat? what can't i eat?
i no nothing about it lol
how much do u think i would loose in a month
im 15 yrs old and i actually loose weight fast

Answer on Atkins Diet?

Atkins is a terrible diet! I understand the desire to want to loose weight fast, but any diet that includes eating tons of meat is not good for you. I would highly reccomend that you reconsider your decision.

I am a big supporter of Weight Watchers. I know it costs money to join, but I'm sure that you can get lots of information from searching online, and asking questions on here. They support healthy weight loss, and help you to incorporate mindful choices, exersize, and fruit / veggies into your daily routine.

I beg you -- please think about this decision. You don't want to just loose all this weight fast, just to gain it back again, do ya? I did South Beach diet a long time ago -- I lost 20 pounds, and gained 30 back!! It was a terrible idea, and felt like such a waste. After loosing my 30 pounds on Weight Watchers, I have managed to keep it off for a whole year, and it's changed my entire outlook on dieting and healthy eating.

You should definitely do what's right for you, so do a little bit of research first. But please re-think Atkins! Good luck!