Tuesday, December 3, 1996

How to stay organized but stylish while traveling?

I'm 16 and I'm flying on an ten-hour including transit flight to Italy in a couple of weeks (flying that long a distance alone for the first time) and I will be bringing along a notebook laptop and a small DSLR camera, but I'd preferably like to have my hands free so I don't lose or forget anything. How can I arrange my carry-on so everything fits? I dislike backpacks during the summer because they make my back feel sticky, and having just one bag would be ideal. Any suggestions for bags, or organizing tips?

Answer on How to stay organized but stylish while traveling?

I wound use a cute messenger or gym-esque bag.

I have a gym-bag that I use as a weekend bag from Lululemon (its a canadian althetic store but there are some locations in the USA as well) that has a fold on the inside to secure my laptop in place, as well as inner pockets to put my camera, cell phone, etc. And it has plenty of space to put a change of clothes/dvds/whatever to bring. I think the change of clothes is a must for any carry on bag in the event that your luggage gets lost. Messenger bags are also usually designed like this.

Mine is desgined like this, except it doesnt have a plastic looking exterior and is a coral colour.