Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Cat has weak hind legs, cold paws, doesn't want to walk?

My kitty appears to be awake and alert, but she doesn't want to move around, isn't eating much and has lost significant weight (weight loss has been over long period, not all recently). I pick her up and she can stand for a little while and walk a bit, but then she just plops down and stays in my room all day. Her pupils react normally and overall her face looks good and alert, but she doesn't move. She did use her litter box (urine) this morning before I left for work and her breathing sounds normal. This has been going on about 2 days.

I thought it was arthritis (she's never been diagnosed but I think she has it) and was prepared to start giving her Nutri-cal and a glucosamine supplement, but this morning, I noticed that her back paws were colder than her front paws and her ears. I didn't think anything of it, but I recently googled and read that this could be a blood clot preventing her legs from working correctly. Has anyone else encountered this?

My mom is taking her to vet as I type this but I'd like other opinions. Am I reading too much into the cold paws?

Answer on Cat has weak hind legs, cold paws, doesn't want to walk?

Dear Static,

Very good that your mom is getting her to the vet. There could be a lot of different ailments or conditions that can cause this, weakness of her legs is not a good sign. You don't mention how old she is. My 18 year old "yoda" cat Samantha suffered a sudden and massive stroke in October, sadly we had to have her euthanized due to the severity and her quality of life was nil. She tried to walk but could only take a few steps due to the curling under of her rear foot and wobbliness. Your cat may have had a stroke but until the vet diagnoses her condition guessing is just that. I hope the news is good and there is something that can be done to get her back to her old self and healthy again. I will keep good thoughts for her. I wish you and her the best.