Monday, February 10, 1997

Are we truly living in the End Days?

Massive floods, fires, famine, George W Bush, Mayan calendar, military industrial complex, Israel, "Islamofascism", Sudan, blizzards, tornadoes, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, Internet porn, obesity pandemics, Prozac, the Human Centipede, tsunamis, hydrogen bomb, Iran, Twitter, and Andy Dick.

Is it time for Billy Joel to write another song, and do any of us have to listen to it?

Answer on Are we truly living in the End Days?

The end? Billy Joel? I'd take the end please. Aaaaaggghhhh now I can't get Uptown Girl out of my head. I'm possessed. You are truly a devil.

No I doubt it. We've lived through worse. We survived Mr Joel didn't we?