Monday, March 3, 1997

Going to Rome, Italy?

Me and my BF are going to Rome this year (end of March 2011, only for 3), mostly because this will be my 1st plain ride in last 9 years and i am scared to death, and Rome is pretty close for 'test ride'. We were all over the world but always with car, RV, bus or even ship/cruise (thats how we went to USA), i was ALWAYS avoiding planes.

So, i am not some fan of places like Rome (just give me sun and beaches) but i will go there because it is very close (we are in Serbia at the moment).

I was re-searching hotels in Rome for 5 days but no luck for what i need. We are going to book thickets that will take us to Fiumicino airport (that is only airport Wizz Air is going to). I have walking disability, i dont have good enough balance to walk myself (always with someone) and sometimes my legs (muscles) start hurting if i walk too much.

So i am looking for cheapest possible hotel/motel/BB near or near some of the important things u should see (like Colosseo, big plaza itd.)

I would want us to get train from airport to our hotel and that go if possible on foot to see some stuff in Rome.

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