Thursday, March 6, 1997

How much extra should i bring?

Im going to Italy soon.
First time going.

How much extra (NOT including trip cost)
should i bring of USD, if i am there for 2 weeks?

Should i bring $1,000 - $2,000 UDS? would that be enough?

Answer on How much extra should i bring?

You do not tell what is included in the trip.
If all your meals are included, and all your days are full with already paid for day trips, you only need money for drinks and souvenirs. If so, twice as much as you would use in the US when away for the same length of time.
If you also need to pay for your lunches, add $US 10 per day at least, $ 20 is better.
If lunch and dinner, add $50 to $100 per day. $100 is for luxery dinner with a wine from the winelist.
In case there are a lot of 'optional' excursions, add $100 for each day that there is one of those, unless they tell you how much they are.

I would not want to travel with $US 2000 in cash, nor with the same amount in Euros. Talk with your bank, tell them you go to Italy, get your bank card ready for use abroad and use that in the ATM in Italy, and if you have a credit card, bring that as back-up or for the bigger payments.

If you add up the amounts you will find the total will run way more than the $US 100 to 200 backpackers use, but that is because an expensive tour gives you expensive excursions and brings you to expensive restaurants.

If you go with Contiki, bring about $1000 for dinners, drinks and souvenirs, $2000 if you want to do serious shopping.

Anyone living in Southern Italy wanting to host a female exchange student from New Zealand?

I am currently living in a beautiful city called Pavia in Northern Italy, but I really want to experience the culture and immense beauty of southern Italy as well, the program that I am with won't let me unless I find my own host family. In just over 1 month I am due to change host family's so I am hoping to find one in the beautiful south before then :) Thanks.

Answer on Anyone living in Southern Italy wanting to host a female exchange student from New Zealand?

I think you got more possibilities to find people that can answer this if you post this kind of question in the Italian section in any local region section. Maybe these can be useful as well……