Saturday, June 7, 1997

Why do i feel SO angry with him? what to do?

theres been a family problem and i got really upset about it, my boyfriend was trying to 'cheer' me up over facebook but it led into a bit of an argument.. then he tried to make up and said some Really dirty things to me which were absolutely disgusting and embarrassing. Everytime we have an argument he says im a slag/slut and a player (when actually, ive been with no one but him for the past year. Im never unfaithful in relationships and never have slept around) and what this other girl has been saying about me is right (she likes him so she chats absolute shite to him all the time hoping she'll get him..) Thing is, i was upset about my family, and i was talking to other people, yet i didnt feel upset with any of them, only him. i feel like I hate him.... this is one of the messages i sent him, which are just some of the things he's done which is why our relationship is fragile:

we broke up originally because i needed time with my friends. we were always with eachother, and gradually, maybe i got abit tired of being around eachother all the time, i needed space.
Then we got back together. the depression started and well... i dont need to say alot about that do i? You've now got a permanent 'R' on your arm. Well done.
It got too much, we broke up.. this thing with Leyna started. I've thought and thought about this loads and just think that it was all a hallucination or a lie. Thats my final conclusion for it.
We got back together... yet, EVERYTIME we fall out you call me a player, a slag/slut (YES THEY MEAN THE SAME) and that Rachel was right about me all along, you always question if i love you which annoys me too.
Ive spoke to Lucy, and she's admitted, that when she's angry, she speaks the truth. And i honestly think its the same with you too...
Im sorry but maybe i just cant be arsed with it all.

^ the thing with the R is, well, he went really loopy and cut an R into his arm which has left a scar. I was there for him obviously, but it was stupid of him in the first place and it made me feel so bad. He had the first letter of my name engraved on his arm. >.<
The thing with Leyna is, he kept telling me that he kept seeing our future daughter. Just.. i cant say
much more to add to that can i?

what to do? why do i feel so angry with him, like i hate him, yet fine with EVERYONE else, even most of my family? thanks.

Answer on Why do i feel SO angry with him? what to do?

Whoa, slow down there! Chill out, back off and take a look at your life when you are not mad. It seems that you should not be dating anyone for a while. The guy you are dating is very childish and controlling in a stupid manner that does not work. Leave him be and find some peace before setting out on a new love field. Think about what I have typed. I took the time, please take the time to read. GW