Saturday, July 5, 1997

OKAY I have another question about responding to this guy on twitter!!!!?

On twitter one of the trending tweets is #drunkestievergot and I never drink. I'm a total goody good and I'm not 21 yet.

So I always joke around with this guy that when I went to this concert a couple months ago me and my friend (who is a girl) got drunk and were grinding with college guy which we weren't really and he knows that. So on twitter I put "#drunkestievergot was at (name of the concert) with (girl friend's twitter name). FUN TIMES!!!" and he @ replied me "Your a loser. Wow.". I don't know what to say back! He knows I was joking but I don't know what to say back.

So I followed most people's advice on the other question I asked and didn't say anything back.

He just tweeted: "@drunkestievergot 1 jello shot last new years!!! So sloshed it was awesome!"

was if I said "wooo! there you go! :)" back? would that be good?

Answer on OKAY I have another question about responding to this guy on twitter!!!!?

Yeahh, I think that'd be good.


Ok so I am bored to death!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am about to cry!!!!!!!!!!! What are some fun things to do?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Also what are some interesting topics to talk about with a friend?? And what are some fun things to do with a friend???? WORTH 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!! .... What are some goo things to listen to?? I like Eminem, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, ... well basically rap, hip hop,.... I am a teenager!!!!!! THANKS!!

Answer on BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


Taylor Swift- You're Not Sorry, Whitehorse, You Belong With me, Innocent, Hey Steven, Teardrops On My Guitar, Love Story, Should've Said No, Picture To Burn, Forever And Always, Crazier, Fifteen, Cold As You, Breathe, Breathless, A Place In This World, Change, Fearless, Fifteen, Jump Then Fall, Mary's Song, Mine, Stay Beautiful, Tell Me Why, The Best Day, The Outside, The Way I Loved You, Tied Together With A Smile, Tim McGraw, Today Was A Fairytale

Katy Perry-
A Cup Of Coffee
California Gurls
Circle The Drain
Faith Won't Fail
Growing Pains
Hook Up
Hot N Cold
Hummingbird Heartbeat
I Kissed a Girl
I Think I'm Ready
I'm Still Breathing
If You Can Afford Me
In Between
Last Call
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
Like A Virgin
Milk Milk Lemonade
My Own Monster
Not Like The Movies
One Of The Boys
Search Me
Self Inflicted
Takes One To Know One
Teenage Dream
The Box
The One That Got Away
Thinking Of You
Trust In Me
Ur So Gay
Use Your Love
Waking Up In Vegas
When There's Nothing Left
White Christmas
Who Am I Living For?
Wish You The Worst

Eminem- Crack A Bottle, Mockingbird, When I'm Gone, Stan, Love The Way You Lie, Cleanin' Out My Closet, Like Toy Soldiers, The Real Slim Shady, We Made You, Without Me, Not Afraid, Cold Wind Blows, Talkin 2 Myself, On Fire, Won't Back Down, W.T.P. (White Trash Party) ,Seduction No Love, Space Bound, Cinderella Man, 25 to Life, So Bad, Almost Famous, You're Never Over, Lose Yourself, Superman, Beautiful, Insane, My Name Is, White America, Just Lose It, Sing For The Moment, Hello, Kill You, Guilty Conscience, Bagpipes from Baghdad, Hailie's Song, Square Dance, Stay Wide Awake, Role Model, Criminal, Marshal Mathers, Say Goodbye Hollywood, Must be the Ganja, Who Knew, Drug Ballad, Till I Collapse, Bad Meets Evil, American Psycho 2, Armageddon Freestyle, Dead Wrong, Don't Approach Me, Forget About Dre, Everything is Shady, Brain Damage, Bumps Head, Come on Everybody, Curtains Up, Come On In, Don't Push Me, Failed Destiny, Go To School, If I get Locked Up Tonight, Make Some Noise, I'm Having a Relapse, Just the Two of Us, Jimmy Crack Corn, My Words are Weapons, Nail in the Coffin, Off the Wall, One Last Time, My Fault, Never Enough, No Apologies, Public Service Announcement, Rabbit Run, Shady Narcotics, So What You Say, We all Die Someday, We As Americans, When the Music Stops, You Don't Know

Fun Things To Do

Editing Photos:
Talk to Friends About Boys/girls ? Hahah! You could play truth or dare, or would you rather...
It's fun to watch movies with friends, go to the mall, go rollerskating, etc. Even just having a sleepover with a scary movie and some popcorn and sour gummy worms... that is always fun, and after you could tell scary stories .
There are a lot of games you can play online...
Or on facebook there are MindJolt Games...
If you like drawing there are tutorials online for pretty much any drawing style you like
You could also dress up your pets? Hhaa, it sounds lame but it's entertaining!

Be creative! :) Maybe even go outside. That usually is a lot more entertaining than we ever really think .

Hope this helps!