Thursday, July 10, 1997

A question for you New Yorkers, who have you had on 11 September?

I'm Italian and I was in Naples in my city, I remember my mom called me and made me watch the news (special edition of course) and told me they had put a bomb in the World Trade Center. I was born in 93, so I was quite small in 2001, was a horrible experience for me to see on the news all the suicides of people who did not want to die horribly burned or burn survivors. My uncle was in the waterfront and noticed a helicopter to get up in the sky, to check any suspected attempt to use or other military areas. In Naples, in fact there was a USO bombing that killed five people. Following Ischia met a child who had come in from America with his parents in Italy following the attack. After 11 years I have been interested in September where thousands of innocent people died, and where thousands of other innocent people because of war proclaimed by Bush died in Afghanistan.
Antimiltarista and I have always been against the war, and in my opinion the blame for Bush that day was to declare war on Afghanistan.
I tell you all these details to tell me everything that happened that day, you limit yourself to answer the question above, and please no insults, no objections or comments, do it for respect for the dead that day.

Answer on A question for you New Yorkers, who have you had on 11 September?

I'm conservative, so I know people are going to "thumbs down" my response.

A plane hit the first tower, and then a second plane hit the second tower soon after that.
A third plane hit the Pentagon.
Another plane crashed in Pennsylvania that was said to be going towards the Capitol.

In my opinion, I do not believe in the conspiracy theories about 9/11.
I do think it was the terrorists.

The way I see it is that they were going for the things that really define the United States:

1. The World Trade Center - A symbol of our financial strength
2. The Pentagon - A symbol of our military power
3. The Capitol (supposedly attempted) - A symbol of our government

I think Bush did what he truly believed was right in his opinion at the time.
And since I don't believe in the conspriacies I think it was justified to go to
war for being attacked like that. I myself am a member of the military, I'm a
medic in the Army, so I feel very strongly about everyone's opinions on the
war. I think we DO need to be over there, regardless of someone else's thoughts
who's also in the military. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, I don't believe in
stuffing your beliefs down anyone's throat. You asked for opinions, and I gave you mine.

I do have respect for the dead that day too, for my cousin died that morning.