Saturday, August 2, 1997

Why is the SPL so boring and dull?

Apart from Rangers chasing Celtic, there's nothing else than can really change in that "league"

Hearts are all-but guaranteed third place, and can't go any higher, so Europe for any other team is out of the question.

Hamilton are all-but relegated so there's no worries for second or third bottom...

What else is there in that "league" of yours?

Whereas, the EPL has at least 6 teams weary of relegation who are all doing everything they can to survive; you have 2 teams chasing Man Utd... Man City and Tottenham battling for fourth and three teams battling for 6th place..

So exciting and entertaining... so is the Championship too.

But the boring old Scottish "Premier" League is just another pointless European league that lives in the shadows of leagues like Portugal's; Ukraine's; Denmark's and it goes without saying that they live in the shadow of England's, Germany's, France's, Spain's and Italy's league...

Thank God no Scottish club will even be in the Champions League group stage next year... there is a God!

Answer on Why is the SPL so boring and dull?

FFS, you really are a dull, boring and tedious cnut!

You actually started off reasonably well, posting questions that one could actually debate, were fair comment and had a relatively "open discussion" nature to them. You have now just descended into idiocy mode, posting tedium personified, designed with the sole intention of antagonising (boring the fcuk out of) people, with silly and petty little put downs.

I actually find you and your 'questions' quite tiresome now and not really worth rising to. I just laugh at you, getting such enjoyment and pleasure from uneeded online antagonism of others, which in my eyes, just makes you, quite a sad individual.