Wednesday, August 6, 1997

Weight loss help.?!!!?

So im 14 and weigh 303 pounds. I am turning over a new leaf in my life and im going to loose 150 pounds. I don't look like I weigh 303 pounds though. At my doctors they always start at 200. It makes me feel terrible to be in the 300's. I need help. Me and my mom have been dieting for a month and I lost 14 pounds. I just went to the doctors today so that is up to date. I really want to lose faster. Any suggestions.? Oh yea just for the record im like. 5foot 8inches. Help me?!

Answer on Weight loss help.?!!!?

My friends and I started a new diet. We are only 3 weeks in and it is working ! First week : protein only! As much as u want. Second week: protein and green veggies alternate every other day with protein only. Ex: meat on Monday, meat and veggies on Tues......oh, yea! You need to walk 20 min per day. Continue with week 2 until you lose the lbs. The last stage is kind of the same, but it allows a cheat day . I saw this on the news and googled it- Dukin diet or French diet- look it up. But I want to say ask your mom or dr. Before u try this. Good luck!