Thursday, August 28, 1997

How to fix my imperfections?

okay so since spring break is starting i have kindve a week to do a tune up of myself- i know it might take longer but i was hoping i;d go back loooking at least a little better. so heres my imperfections:
i have a bump in my nose- makeup tips?
whats the best mascara (i have brown eyes)
upperr lip hair...
little bit of a double chin
im going on a diet and excersice program- any tips? like no food tipis please, just excersices
bags under my eyes! thats the worst- help!
best antiperspirant?
best teeth whitener (inexpensive please)
dry lips!
curly frizzy hair- i want beach hair but everytime i do the bun thing the curls are weird not beachy- any tips?!

im just a mess. any help appreciated

Answer on How to fix my imperfections?

1) Nose - not too sure but look on youtube because they usually have make up tutorial video's for this stuff


3) use a hair removal cream or bleach it - much better than shaving or waxing (ouch) - veet?

4) i her situps help with double chin + thats one for the excercise programme too

5) for the core (back stomach etc.) - crunches, situps, plank
for lower body - squats, leg raises, lunges
+ cardio is generally good all round so go for runs or cycling or swimming

6) i use clinique under my eyes but thats expensive so try cotton wool pads dipped in milk and rest them over yours eyes

7) i use Sure

8) never whitened my teeth

9) vaseline ( use lots and often)

10) frizz eaze mousse by john freida works like a charm! good luck

Should I contact my fathers side?

Soooo I am 15. And I have never really met my father, his side I have visted a couple of times but they made me angry so lost all contact. But I've been thinking a lot about it and I don't know if I should be the bigger person and contact them. He told me he never wanted me, his mother said she could never love me cause I walked out of her life. I don't know what too do. Should I? I don't wanna live my life feeling the way towards them.. and I wanna get my life back together. My mom recently left and a lot has been going on. I wanna get back up, I don't know what too do. Should I try? If so what do I say?

(Gonna talk threw facebook)


Answer on Should I contact my fathers side?

The reason you had decided to cut contact comes to play now. Did you have a fight with them when they made you angry?
If they were not welcoming and talked down to you when you visited, it may be wise to stay away from them
Also a lot of changes are going on in your life, if you approach a family that's troubled already it may not be wise right now.
If there is another family member or friend talk with them and try to sort some things out. If you talk via FB (always easy and no pressure) say something casual such as you were thinking of them and wanted to know how they are doing
Good luck