Friday, September 26, 1997

Cheapest Countries in the World/Europe to Visit?

I LOVE to travel and i have this itch to go somewhere new. my family and i have gone to all of the states in the u.s. that we want to and we really want to travel abroad (especially me) only my brother has gone out of the country to england for a college program at cambridge university. my parents really have this urge to go to italy i we all know that in this recession we can't afford it right now, but later... so what are the cheapest countries to go to just in general. i have done lots of research and i just can't seem to find anything we are looking for. so if you don't mind, please make a list based on like continents (australia doesn't really count since its only one country on a continent but it can still be added since my brother really wants to go there) or even if you did the world in general would be FABULOUS. we are not very interested in eastern europe but then again, we haven't done that sort of research. oh and there are my parents, and my 2 older brothers. we are all older teens if that helps you, i don't know how... thanks so much!!

Answer on Cheapest Countries in the World/Europe to Visit?

sri lanka is a nice place to travel. Because there are lots of thing and places to watch in a small island,if you gone a start from Colombo u can travel to any direction in around two,three hours by a vehicle.………

Major tourist attractions are focused around the islands famous beaches located in the southern and eastern parts of the country. Ancient heritage sites located in the interior of the country and lush green resorts located in the mountainous regions of the country.

There are manyNational Parks you can visit in Sri Lanka. Yala is the largest national park.……

Also Pinnawala Elhipant Opernage famous residents such as the three-legged elephant, Sama, who stood on a land mine, and a blind elephant, Raja. The orphanage population is constantly augmented by new arrival Born Free in captivity: about one elephant is born here every year. The successful captive breeding project had so far produced 22 second generation births.

If u want to shopping during you`r trip, You can buy cloths( like cloths for you`r winter season,also other cloths) very cheap in Colombo(House of fashion,odel,majick city,kandy…are few of good fashion houses in sri lanka.
If u want to buy leather works like bags, wallets,chairs… very cheap in pinnawala.
If u want to buy jems Rathnapura is the best place to buy them.
I hope u will enjoy you`r trip.