Saturday, October 4, 1997

Can I press charges against someone for stealing my dog?

I have (or had I guess) a puppy named Dot. I got the puppy and ended up finding out that I couldn't keep her, so I posted on my Facebook that I was looking for a home for her. My "friend" Kristen texted me to say that her boyfriend Steve's landlord might want her, if I could bring her out to meet the woman. At the time my sister Bree had Dot out of town with her to see if her friend would like her. I explained this to Kristen. When my sister got home she told me that the friend of hers wasn't able to take on a puppy at the moment, so I texted Kristen and told her that I could bring Dot out the next morning if the woman would like to see her. Kristen wrote back that no, it would be better if she came and got the dog and took her there herself, without me. I wrote back and said no. I love Dot to pieces and I am very protective of her; I wanted to be able to talk to the person who adopted her and see what they were like. My sister later let me know that she had another friend who definitely wanted her. I was thrilled, and on my way home from work I stopped at the store to buy Dot a new chew toy. I got home and asked my sister's kids where Dot was (they were spending the night) and they said some guy named Steve took her. I ran upstairs, asked my fiance what happened. Apparently while I was at work, after I had sent the message telling Kristen no, she decided to come to my house and pick up Dot. She told my fiance that I had said it was okay. I was furious. I texted her, but didn't get a response. This morning on Facebook I asked her where my dog was, and she said the woman decided she wanted her.
I am furious. She lied to my fiance, took my dog, and gave her to someone who already has five dogs and definitely doesn't need another one. If I were to call the police, could they do anything? I haven't had the dog long, so she's not licensed yet and hasn't been to the vet so I have no documentation (I got her from a lady who was handing out puppies from the back of her truck) but I do have the text messages between Kristen and me saved and I also have witnesses that were there when I got the dog.

Answer on Can I press charges against someone for stealing my dog?

Wow, sorry to hear this. I would be absolutely furious. Report it ASAP. You can't get much of a clear case of theft than that. The fact that she lied and conspired in order to commit this theft, there may even be some extra charges attached.

I'd have somebody stake out the house before you call the police, just in case this person tries to take the dog somewhere else before the police can investigate. Have them take a video camera with them for extra proof.

Where to stay in Campobasso, Italy?

My husband, 3 year old son and I will be in Campobasso, Italy to see the region where my husbands grandparents grew up and married before emmigrating to the United States. I am having difficulty finding a place to stay though. I am primarily looking for a bed & breakfast type of accomodations. I have sent various emails to places near Campobasso, but do not get any replies to my inquiries.

Neither of us know any Italian which might be why we are not getting responses?

We plan on spending 3 nights in Campobasso in late November.


Answer on Where to stay in Campobasso, Italy?

Instead of Campobasso you could stay in Termoli, a nice place on the coast. You can book an hotel using
I already checked and there's an hotel on the beach called Hotel Garim (B&B)where a triple room from the 27 to the 30 of november costs 375 euro total.