Monday, October 20, 1997

Christians only please?

I've been doing some thinking about my life lately. Currently Im in college for my bachelors and then going for my masters right after. I'll be 24 or 25 when I'm done. The problem is this: I have never had a girlfriend or even dated before. At church everyone is either too young, already dating someone, or not interested in me. I am starting to feel a bit down. In high school i was way too shy and in college i gained a lot of weight. Im starting to lose it because I know being overweight isn't attractive. When Im at my part time job everyone is either dating or has had sex before. I feel like an outcast and too old (23) to have never dated before. Anyway being overweight is my fault and i am currently dieting and exercising. When i feel more confident i guess ill try again. What do you guys suggest for me? Any comments or thoughts would be helpful. Also do you recommend dating sites for christians. I figure if i meet someone online it might be an icebreaker for when i meet them in person. I think there are christian dating sites but im not sure if i should try them or not.

Answer on Christians only please?

God must have willed you to be unattractive. Oh well, you'd best give up trying to feel better and accept the love God has given you.